Platinum Series


Platinum Series is a portrait offering that reaches deep into the human story. This work of art is founded on a genuine conversation between photographer and client that opens their humanity to the photographer’s lens.


The project is photographed on location of your choosing and within a single day. Platinum Series portraits tell your story in one of two styles: Canvas or Frame. Canvas is photographed against hand-painted backdrops. Frame uses a carefully curated and lighted existing environments as part of the scene; like a still frame from a film about your life.

Platinum One



  • Portrait for one person

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Platinum Extended



  • A couple or a group?

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  • “I absolutely hate the camera, and I’m very uncomfortable in front of the camera. But he made it so easy.”

    –Anita D.

  • “…made to feel very special.”

    –Jadine K.

  • Thank you, Ermin for your great artistry and heart!”


    –Chialin M.

  • “It was living a dream.”

    –Stella P.

  • “You were so patient and really allowed us to come out as we truly were.”

    –Lara M. J.

  • “…very easy to work with… I was amazed at the photos…”

    — Jennifer L.

  • “The end result was an extremely personalized set of photos that really brought out who we are… Thanks, Ermin!”

    –Cam B.

  • “Ermin has produced spectacular still images that reflect perfectly the heart of the work that we do…

    –Giuseppe Delvicario MD, FRCP (C),  DTM&H (Eng)

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