Branding Portraits


2020 and 2021 have seen us move into the virtual world at an even faster pace than in the years prior. The importance of online professional networking has grown exponentially as a result. And with that, the standard headshot is not enough anymore.

Branding Portraits, Badzak Creative’s take on the headshot, peel the layers of anonymity and offer a glimpse into the strong and capable professional you are.

Branding Portraits come in two flavors – Standard and Plus. Both can be photographed indoors or outdoors. And you do not have to go anywhere – we come to you!

Please note: all COVID-19 measures must be respected.


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Branding Foundation



  • 20 Minute Session

  • One Outfit

  • One Retouched Photograph of Your Choice

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Branding Plus



  • 60 Minute Session

  • Unlimited Outfits

  • 3 Retouched Photographs of Your Choice

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Branding Groups



  • Depends on size

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  • “I absolutely hate the camera, and I’m very uncomfortable in front of the camera. But he made it so easy.”

    –Anita D.

  • “…made to feel very special.”

    –Jadine K.

  • Thank you, Ermin for your great artistry and heart!”


    –Chialin M.

  • “It was living a dream.”

    –Stella P.

  • “You were so patient and really allowed us to come out as we truly were.”

    –Lara M. J.

  • “…very easy to work with… I was amazed at the photos…”

    — Jennifer L.

  • “The end result was an extremely personalized set of photos that really brought out who we are… Thanks, Ermin!”

    –Cam B.

  • “Ermin has produced spectacular still images that reflect perfectly the heart of the work that we do…

    –Giuseppe Delvicario MD, FRCP (C),  DTM&H (Eng)

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