"...very easy to work with... I was amazed at the photos..."

-- Jennifer L., Employer Relations, ISS of BC

"Woooow... who are those women?"

The reaction of Dress for Success Ambassadors to their group portrait reveal. The portrait was a full day shoot at The Cultch Theater  in Vancouver. 

"I absolutely hate the camera, and I'm very uncomfortable in front of the camera. But he made it so easy."

--Anita D.

"... made to feel very special."

--Jadine K.

"It was living a dream."

--Stella P.

"...so patient and really allowed us to come out as we truly were."

--Lara M. J.


Above: behind the scenes of Triage in Antigua documentary. (Click to watch)

"Ermin photographed our HIPPY Program Graduation and Adopt-a-Reader Celebration Events. He was able to capture not just the people and the events, but the feelings of the participants especially the happy smiling preschoolers as they proudly held their certificates.

Thank you, Ermin for your great artistry and heart!"


--Chialin Meyer, Manager, HIPPY Program, ISSofBC

"After seeing Ermin’s photos from his many travels and his work for Health for Humanity in Guatemala, it was a no-brainer to ask him to do our wedding photos. We were looking for something different and more ‘real’ than a lot of posed shots. We had limited time to get photos in a few venues and Ermin was professional, efficient and so easy to work with. 


Our wedding album is full of amazing photos that really capture not only the events of the day, but the feeling as we shared the day with family and friends." 


--Alison Miller 

"We asked Ermin to shoot our wedding specifically because we were not interested in awkwardly staged photos that seem typical for a lot of wedding photography. He spent time with us beforehand to understand what we were looking for and came up with plenty of creative solutions to make it happen. One can tell he takes his work seriously, has a keen eye for detail and excels at shooting in the photo-journalistic style.


The end result for us was an extremely personalized set of photos that really brought out who we are and what was important to us about our big day. Would definitely not hesitate to call on him again in the future.


Thanks, Ermin!"


--Cam Bartsch

Above and below: production of the series of short documentaries on people with disabilities for HSBC Bank Canada.

"We couldn't be happier with the process and the finished product!" ★★★★★


--Karen Comer

"Very Badzak and very Creative! Thanks for the professional job!" ★★★★★


--Kip Luce

"I love everything about light.

My focus is photography, motion pictures, and writing. I take those ingredients and I liquify them into powerful, flowing stories. I have been immersed in creative worlds for 25 years. I have run radio stations and designed magazines, survived war in Bosnia and documented the lives of the great and the poor. I love travel, coffee, and old Volkswagens."

I am here to produce projects with you, for you, or about you. Projects with impact and emotion, clad in technical excellence. Whether a stunning portrait you will cherish for decades, a 30-second commercial advertising your product, or a documentary on a burning issue you hold dear; I will approach each and every one of them with equal vigor.

Ermin Badzak

Photographer & Filmmaker

Vancouver, Canada

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